• We Are …

    The Ultimate Prepper Castle

  • … Creating …

    The Ultimate Prepper Castle

  • … The Ultimate Prepper Castle

    The Ultimate Prepper Castle

  • Historical Production Cars

    Production Cars That Hold Historical Significance.

  • Vintage Race Cars

    Legendary Race Cars of Historical Significance.

  • Residential Wind Turbine

    Self-Sustaining Systems.

  • Solar Panels

    Clean Energy.

  • Greenhouse

    Self-Sustaining Food Production

  • Fine Art

    Antique and Hand Crafted Works.

The New American Castle Museum is a dedicated virtual online museum of fine castle architecture, vintage automobiles of historic significance, state of the art Castle construction, Period antiques, including furniture, books, art, rugs, tapestries, lighting, armor, weapons, labyrinth and a variety of gardens.

Our mission is to educate the public on castle construction, antique collection, green energy and products, labyrinth and gardens, and the original purpose of the castle as both a sustainable independent entity and fortress. Castles were the original “prepper” community!

Of particular note is The New American Castle Museum’s virtual collection of vintage automobiles, which has attracted attention from notable enthusiasts. We feature significant cars of historical import from collections around the world.

The Castle structure has state of the art construction and materials, which joins together the best of old Castle design and new, green materials. The Castle employs energy saving technologies, modern security and self-sufficient systems.

The New American Castle began construction in 2002 and was completed in 2006. Now millions of people throughout the world will have access to this marvel of castle construction, art, history, antiques, mechanical and engineering milestones, green energy systems, castle landscaping and culture.

The Castle’s Board of Directors and Advisers are always looking for new green technology and sustainable projects to keep the Castle current in the best ecologically sound, organic methods.

If you have a new product or technology that you would like us to employ here at the Castle please contact Director, Kim Baker.



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