Jonna M. Spilbor

Jonna M. Spilbor is an attorney, columnist, and legal analyst appearing regularly on MSNBC, CNN Headline News, Fox News Channel, and Court-TV, as well as Court-TV Radio. She is also host of a weekly call-in legal show featured on WPDH, 101.5 FM, in the Hudson Valley.

Jonna offers unique, expert and often entertaining commentary on the nation’s high-profile legal happenings. In addition to her frequent television and radio appearances, Jonna is a columnist for the Poughkeepsie Journal, a Gannett-owned daily newspaper. Her column, Reasonable Doubts, is published on alternating Sundays. She is also a regular contributing columnist for Findlaw’s Writ (found at Her in-depth legal analysis of celebrity criminal cases has been featured nationally in Variety Magazine, The San Francisco Recorder, the Los Angeles Daily Journal and at, among others.