What is GREEN?

Green Home
A green home minimizes impacts on the human and natural environment. This includes actions to boost energy efficiency, reduce construction waste, improve indoor air quality, and using water wisely, among other considerations.

Energy Efficiency
Green building rating programs include energy efficiency as a primary category for earning points. Potential actions involve the right HVAC equipment sizing, improved insulation, installing Energy Star-rated appliances and lighting.

Sustainable Building / Green Building
Sustainable means meeting the needs of the present while reducing negative impacts to future generations. Sustainable building addresses environmental, economic, and social goals.

Carbon Footprint
The total carbon dioxide (CO2) associated with a product or service. This includes all CO2 emissions from manufacturing, transportation, heating and cooling, etc. as well as discharge resulting from products and services purchased from others.

Embodied Energy
The total lifetime energy required for a given building material. This consists of energy for raw material extraction or harvesting, manufacturing, transportation, installation, maintenance and disposal.

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
An LCA evaluates all environmental impacts from a product or service throughout its life. The overall goal for a green building is to reduce a home’s total lifetime impact on people and nature.