Kim and Patricia Baker

Kim Baker has a long and illustrious career in motorsports and business.
In addition to his reputation as a winning race car driver,
Kim is renown for his success as a team owner, crew chief,
engine builder, and philanthropist.Kim is a Multi-National Championship Winner in multiple categories, responsible for driver championships, team championships, tire manufacturer championships and automobile manufacturer championships.

  • Member of the driving team for Corvette that set a 24- hour world speed record on the seven – mile oval at the Firestone Proving Grounds.
  • Numerous top three finishes in NASCAR (Busch East), including a win at the Pepsi 150 held at Watkins Glen International Speedway.
  • Voted “One of Ten Most Influential Men In Corvette History”
    by Road & Track Magazine.
  • Winner of the Bilstein Madonna Award for Racing Excellence, one of the highest international honors one can receive in motorsports.

Patricia Baker is public relations professional, investigative writer, producer, screenwriter and Vice President of Big Picture Agency, Inc.

A graduate of Boston College, she received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Sociology in four years.

Upon graduation Patricia trained in dream analysis and counseling.  For 20 years Patricia led dream analysis and support groups for women, men and teens and maintained a private practice.  She wrote for a number of magazines, worked extensively for Robert Monroe, of the Monroe Institute, and trained with Native American Medicine men and women.

Patricia founded Big Picture Agency, Inc. in 1996 and worked with a variety of major corporations including WISDOM Television and Celsion Corporation.   Patricia produced the first English translation of the old German alchemical text, Opus Mago Caballisticum Et Theosophicum, translated by Smith College German Professor Joseph McVeigh and Occult author Lon Milo DuQuette, (Red Wheel/Weiser, 2006).

In 2005 Patricia managed the extremely successful show home project, “The New American Castle” and enlisted the participation of over 200 corporations and companies. Due to Patricia’s public relations efforts the home was covered by HGTV, HISTORY CHANNEL’s “Modern Marvels,”  WGBY Television, TIME Magazine, The Boston Globe, and many more national and international publications and websites.