Kristine Bahr

Kristine, a mother of two is a licensed nutritionist, counselor, author, educator, and lecturer born in Huntington Valley, Pa.  She has obtained a B.S in Secondary Education Teaching degree from Westchester University, M.S. in Biology Nutrition from University of Connecticut (Columbia University affiliated), and her M.S. in Counseling and Level II Social Work from Suffolk University. Her interests include outdoor and indoor gardening, cultural events (especially dance), and outdoor sports.

Since 2001 Kristine has been the President and nutritionist at Cutting Edge Wellness in Brookline, Ma with satellite offices in Western Ma. Previously was a nutritionist at the Barrington OB-GYN in Great Barrington, Ma, nutritional counselor and lecturer at the Canyon Ranch Resort in Lennox, Ma, nutrition director at the adult obesity summer camp, Camp Alford, and nutritionist at Integrative Dermatology in Newton, Ma.

She has 20+ years experience in nutritional counseling, emphasizing systemic and holistic root-cause treatment, anti-aging, treatment of adolescent and post-adolescent eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, etc.), successful pregnancy, hormonal issues, asperger’s/autism, and health/beauty preservation.

Kristine has given lectures on adrenal stress, dangers of GMO’s, weight loss as a lifestyle program, female health, and is the Contributing Editor, The Clear Skin Diet by Dr. Alan C. Logan and Dr. Valerie Treloar (Cumberland House, 2007): responsibility for recipes/menu planning section.

Kristine also competes in charity athletic events nationally and provides free care for people below income level with no health insurance.