Steve Minguez

Steve Minguez is a former member of the New York City Police Department with twenty-seven years’ experience as a Senior Firearms Instructor and member of the Intelligence Division Dignitary Protection Unit.  He was Senior Instructor in charge of the Emergency Service Unit for twelve years.  He developed numerous training programs that included advanced firearms training, hostage rescue, dignitary protection, counter assault team tactics, CQB training, sniper training, active shooter, waterborne operations, and interagency operations.  He has conducted training and established anti-terrorism deployments.  He is a New York State Firearms Instructor and holds many other certifications.  He has trained numerous police and military units from around the world.

During his ten years with the Intelligence Division Dignitary Protection Unit, he worked closely with the United States Secret Service and United States State Department Diplomatic Security Services assigned to Presidential and Vice Presidential Protection Details and other heads of state.  He has conducted investigations of threats to political figures and police related shootings which has brought him to be an expert witness in the criminal justice system, both federal and local.

His experience in the private sector includes personal protection and security consultant to various executives and public figures.